Teaching as a Mission: Building a Brighter Future

A career in teaching offers many benefits, from instructing others in fields that you’re passionate about to having the chance to create real change in the lives of your students. Your work as a teacher will impact future generations’ lives, and your connections with students can last a lifetime.

Teaching is a Calling: Will You Answer It?

For many, teaching is more than just a career: it’s a calling. The opportunity to work directly with future leaders in communities, families, and corporations is a blessing. The right teacher could make all the difference in a student’s life. From sparking interest in a new subject to being a caring adult in their life, the impact you could make on a young life is endless.

In the age of COVID, many students are frustrated with the education system and are falling behind in their studies. The need for compassionate and driven teachers is more significant now than ever. If you’re passionate about education in any modality, now is the perfect time to join teachers in training the next generation.

If you’re looking to find a deeper fulfillment, spend your time helping others, bring about real change in students’ lives, and help shape the future globally, you may feel called to become a teacher!

If you’re ready to begin your journey back to the classroom,

we want to help you get there.

Teaching is not only a practical calling for furthering education and literacy: teaching is a calling from God to evangelize, build communities, and share your faith with others. Being a light for truth and love in your classroom will impact students in ways that grades cannot capture. The work you do in loving others and fostering their hunger for knowledge will reach far beyond your classroom walls, and you’ll make an eternal impact in the lives of those you teach.

Teachers also enjoy the benefit of seeing the impacts of their careers first-hand, every day. Whether you’re teaching a difficult equation or bringing an understanding of Shakespeare, the long-term effects of a good teacher start in the classroom, and you can see the fruit of your labors throughout the year.

Building a Brighter Future With a Teaching Career

Children spend much of their lives in school, and it is here that the future is written. Educators instill lessons and values that ripple out for generations during these formative years. Be part of the change for decades to come through teaching.

Teaching is not only a calling to communicate information—it is an invitation to help shape young minds, inspire people, and help society grow. It’s a privilege and responsibility to pour into the lives of children in this way.

Are you interested in making a positive impact on youth in your community? Do you love to help others and share your knowledge? Are you someone who loves building meaningful relationships?

If you answered “yes” to these questions and you feel that helping to teach the next generation of learners, thinkers, creators, and leaders is something you’re called to do, it has never been easier to answer that call.

How to Become a Teacher

There’s a great opportunity to become a teacher, whether you’re just starting a career or you're considering teaching as a second career. Especially with the pandemic, there’s a nationwide shortage of qualified and passionate teachers. Because of this, many schools have made the process of becoming certified more streamlined than ever before.

One of the best ways to begin teaching is to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching. An MAT degree will give you the practical skills and tools to manage a classroom, plan lessons, and communicate all the valuable information you have about your specialized subject. You’ll also practice evaluation and assessment to give and receive feedback on how you're learning is progressing and what areas of your teaching you can work to improve.

How to Become a Teacher: A Step-by-Step Guide

Teachers with an MAT degree often earn more than those without one, and earning this degree opens up the chance to pursue an administrative role in schools, such as principal or superintendent.

Southern Adventist University offers an excellent MAT program with a faith-based approach to teaching that will help you bring Christian values such as acceptance, compassion, humility, and servant leadership into your classrooms. Our program is designed to bring faith and a mission-minded focus to the classroom, so you can enter the in-demand teaching field with confidence and the experience needed to be effective in your teaching career.

Southern's Guide to Teaching for Career Changers

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