4 Things to Know if You’re Considering Teaching as a Second Career

Over the past several years, there has been an influx of career-changers in the job market. More than ever, people are searching for careers that better align with their passions and bring them a sense of purpose. 

One of the common ways through which people are finding that fulfillment is through teaching. 

Teachers can change the world. The care and dedication of one teacher can truly make a positive impact on a student’s life that is never forgotten and cannot be measured.

1. Teachers are in High Demand

As many teachers retire, schools are facing a nationwide shortage of qualified and passionate teachers. The education system needs innovative and adaptive individuals who are dedicated to education and willing to step up to address the deficit of educators.

Teachers are needed all over the country, in every discipline of study. You can pursue a teaching role in a subject that you’re excited about and help to engage the next generation of life-long learners. 

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2. Teaching as a Second Career is Becoming Increasingly Common

Many feel called to become teachers to make an impact, serve others, and help students realize their interests and giftings. It’s common for people looking for a meaningful career change to make the switch to teaching. 

One of the most appealing aspects of a career change to teaching is that skills you’ve learned in other careers can easily translate to education. Abilities such as organization, strong communication skills, leadership qualities, strategic planning, attention to detail, patience, and compassion can all lend themselves to a career in teaching. 

3. It’s Never Been Easier to Become a Teacher 

Due to the high demand for teachers, the threshold to the classroom is much easier to cross, allowing those passionate about education to begin their second careers sooner. 

Most states, particularly Tennessee, have invested in teaching programs that help empower individuals to become qualified teachers. Many of these programs offer teaching degrees in a format that’s faster and less expensive than previously possible. Instead of spending four years pursuing an education degree, the process is streamlined to meet the demand for teachers nationwide. 

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4. Southern’s MAT Program Can Help You Get There

Southern Adventist University wants to help you close the gap of teachers in America. Our Master of Arts in Teaching program is designed to bring passion, faith, and a mission-minded focus to all our courses, getting you into classrooms and making an impact as soon as possible. 

With four different pathways to your MAT, you can choose the best choice for you and your career goals. Students can choose to pursue elementary (K-5) or secondary education in a specific content area. Two pathways exist for each of these concentrations: student teaching or job-embedded.

You’ll develop and hone all the skills you need to be the best teacher you can be. With courses focused on classroom management, planning and instruction, evaluation and assessment, and your specialty subject, you’ll be well-equipped to enter a high-demand field as a dynamic educator. 

 For more information on how teaching is a valuable career change, download our career changer’s guide to becoming a teacher

Southern's Guide to Teaching for Career Changers

If you’re ready to start your second career as a teacher, now is the best time to make the change. Let Southern University be part of you making a difference in the next generation’s lives. 

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