Southern Nursing Student Spotlight:

Julie McBride

Southern Nursing Student Spotlight: Julie McBride

BSN to DNP with an emphasis in Psychiatric Mental Health
Class of 2021Julie McBride-1

Of the many nursing programs available, what made you choose Southern’s?

As a resident of the Chattanooga area, the local factor played a big role in Southern’s appeal to Julie. She originally enrolled in the RN to MSN track, earning both her undergraduate and master’s degree from Southern. She’s currently enrolled in Southern’s DNP program.

Faith-based teaching was also appealing to her.

“The Christian focus was not something I was used to in a classroom setting, and I immediately loved it,” said Julie. “We said a prayer before every class, and it helped set my mind at ease and prepare for the lesson.”

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How did the faculty help you understand the material and overcome the challenges along the way?

Julie commented on how the staff was patient and accommodating, especially when teaching challenging material.

“I knew that if I was nervous, I’d get it eventually. The instructors were great at easing everyone’s anxieties about that,” she said.

Julie felt comfortable reaching out for support, and the professors were quick to respond with extra time, additional resources, and help with prioritization.

Did you work while pursuing your advanced nursing degree? If so, what was that like and how did Southern’s program accommodate you?

While earning her degree, Julie was a floor nurse in various areas but primarily worked in the ICU. She said that the consistent class and clinical schedule made it easy for her to schedule her obligations and spend time with her family while still getting work done. The flexibility to take certain courses online also helped.

“The instructors understood that we were balancing our studies with our families, careers, and other priorities,” said Julie. “They were very helpful and helped us find that balance.”

How did your nursing education at Southern enhance your nursing skills, whether in direct patient care, administration, or education?

Julie really enjoyed learning about pathophysiology and physical assessment. She talked about how much she liked “honing in on those skills, learning about the human body, and being able to relate it to patients on a daily basis.”

Southern’s program also helped her improve the level of compassionate care she delivers to her patients.

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How did your nursing education at Southern help you advance your career?

Julie shared that career support and guidance were built directly into Southern’s program every step of the way. Also, Julie actually got her new job through connections she made at clinicals through Southern’s program!

What was your favorite class, and why?

Julie enjoyed learning about the human body in courses such as Anatomy and Pathophysiology. “Students weren’t just taught and then tested,” said Julie. “The professors made sure we truly understood the material.”

Are you thinking about reaching for the next phase of your nursing career? Explore our advanced nursing degree programs, or schedule a meeting with a Southern representative to talk about your opportunities.

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